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October 27, 2023

Empowering Future Law Enforcers: University of Baguio Symposium Emphasizes the Role of Criminology and Forensic Science Students in Nation-Building

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On March 3, 2023, the University of Baguio – School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety (UB-SCJPS) held a dynamic youth symposium, which served as a platform to empower criminology and forensic science students to become effective and successful law enforcers in the future. The symposium, attended by PCOL Byron B Tegui-In, PLTGEN Cesar Hawthorne Binag (Ret), and Pastor Octavio L. Muncada, underscored the importance of values development, leadership, and integrity in nation-building.

Dr. Charesma Grace Killip Lud-ayen, the visionary Dean of UB-SCJPS, spearheaded the symposium, which aimed to instill essential values necessary for criminology and forensic science students to become effective contributors to nation-building. The participants were captivated by a series of lectures focusing on values development, aligning with the KASIMBAYANAN program of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The symposium emphasized the significance of providing leadership through training and development activities. It aimed to cultivate cultural competence and self-determination among the students, inspiring them to become exemplary leaders in their communities. Moreover, maintaining a high level of integrity was underscored as a crucial characteristic for aspiring law enforcers, as their future roles will involve upholding justice and ensuring the safety of society.

With the theme “Role of Criminology and Forensic Science Students in Nation-Building,” the symposium successfully imparted the importance of values essential for nation-building. The event aimed to mold the mindset of the participants, equipping them with the necessary tools to make a meaningful impact on society. By emphasizing the role of criminology and forensic science students in nation-building, the symposium showcased the immense responsibility these students carry and the potential positive change they can create.

The presence of esteemed guests further solidified the significance of the symposium. PCOL Byron B Tegui-In, Chief of the Regional Community Affairs and Development Division (RCADD), provided invaluable insights and support to the participants. PLTGEN Cesar Hawthorne Binag (Ret), President of Christians for Nation Building, shared his expertise in leadership, emphasizing its critical role in shaping the future of law enforcement. Pastor Octavio L. Muncada of Bless our Cops also delivered an inspiring message, affirming the students’ dedication to serving their country.

The symposium is in line with the goal of fostering Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions through active partnerships with local law enforcement units and officers. It also promotes quality education for SCJPS students, ensuring that their learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom and extends to extra- and co-curricular activities like the symposium.

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