March 21, 2023

UB Holds Seminar for GAD Practices to Promote Conducive Learning

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The University of Baguio recently held a Gender and Development (GAD) Capacity Building Seminar on March 18, 2023, with the theme “Gender equality practices to promote conducive learning.” The event was organized by the UB GAD committee headed by Dean Helen Alalag of the School of Nursing (SON) and UB’s Human Resource Management and Development Center (HRMDC) headed by Ms. Gepsy Rose Ammogawen. The seminar aimed to provide a platform for participants to understand the importance of gender equality in the academic setting and how it can contribute to promoting conducive learning.

The event brought together members of the University of Baguio’s faculty, staff, and students, along with representatives from different organizations in Baguio City. The speakers discussed the critical role of gender equality in promoting a positive learning environment and how it can lead to academic success for all students. Dr. Ronaldo “Dem” Mamaat, a renowned GAD expert, was invited to speak at the event and shared her insights on gender equality practices that can be applied in the academic setting.

Photo: Dr. Dem Mamaat

One of the key topics discussed during the seminar was the need to eliminate gender biases and stereotypes in the classroom. The speakers emphasized the importance of creating an environment that is inclusive and supportive of all genders. They also highlighted the need to address issues such as sexual harassment and gender-based violence in the academic setting, which can negatively impact the learning experiences of students.

Another critical area of discussion was the importance of promoting gender sensitivity and awareness among faculty and staff. The speakers stressed the need for training and capacity-building programs that can help educators understand the challenges faced by students of different genders and provide them with the necessary support and resources to succeed academically.

The seminar also highlighted the University of Baguio’s commitment to promoting gender equality and creating a safe and inclusive academic environment. The event was an opportunity for the university to showcase its efforts in promoting gender equality and encouraging positive learning experiences for all students.

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